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The scene starts off with our sexy Asian babe entering the bathroom, looking around to make sure no one is around.She locks herself in a stall and begins to undress, revealing her perky breasts and toned body.She can’t help but touch herself, feeling the moisture build up between her legs.

She pulls out a toy and begins to masturbate, moaning softly as she imagines a big cock filling her up.As she continues to play with herself, she hears the bathroom door open.She quickly hides her toy and tries to act normal as a handsome stranger enters the bathroom.He walks over to the urinal, but his eyes can’t help but wander over to the stall where our Asian babe is hiding.

He can hear her moans and knows she’s up to something.Curiosity gets the best of him and he walks over to the stall, peeking under the door.He sees our sexy Asian babe on her knees, playing with herself.He can’t believe what he’s seeing and quickly pulls out his big cock.

Our Asian babe notices and can’t help but be turned on.She invites him into the stall and the real fun begins.He slides his big cock into her wet pussy, causing her to moan loudly.She rides him hard, grinding her hips against his.He can feel her getting close and decides to give her a little extra something.

He reaches down and starts to play with her clit, causing her to squirt all over the bathroom stall.They continue to fuck, with our Asian babe taking every inch of his big cock.She can’t get enough and begs for more.He’s happy to oblige, fucking her harder and harder until he can’t hold back any longer.

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