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Hot Bimbo Stripper Wants To Spread Her Ass

The scene opens with Mika walking through a public park, dressed in a tight-fitting outfit that showcases her curves and her firm, round ass.She’s on the prowl, looking for a man who can satisfy her cravings for hard, raw sex.When she spots a handsome stranger, she approaches him with a seductive smile, and before long, the two of them are back at her place, ready to get down to business.

Mika is a woman who knows what she wants, and in this scene, she’s all about getting fucked in the ass.She starts off by giving the stranger a blowjob, using her talented mouth and tongue to bring him to the brink of orgasm.But Mika isn’t satisfied until she feels him deep inside her, filling her up and giving her the hard, dirty sex she craves.

As the stranger slides his big cock into Mika’s tight little asshole, she lets out a loud moan of pleasure.She loves the feeling of being filled up, of having her body stretched to its limits by a big, hard cock.And as the stranger pounds away at her ass, Mika can’t help but scream out in ecstasy, begging for more and more.

But this isn’t just any ordinary anal sex scene.Mika is a true pornstar, and she knows how to put on a show.She writhes and moans, grinding her hips against the stranger’s cock as she takes him deeper and deeper inside her.And as she reaches her climax, she lets out a loud, guttural moan, her body shaking with pleasure as she reaches the peak of ecstasy.

Of course, this being a porn scene, the stranger isn’t far behind.As Mika’s body shakes with pleasure, he can’t help but cum, filling her ass with his hot, sticky load.And as they both come down from their high, Mika lets out a satisfied sigh, basking in the afterglow of a job well done.

In short, this scene is a must-watch for anyone who loves hot, dirty sex.With its stunning Japanese star, its public setting, and its intense anal action, it’s a scene that will leave you breathless and begging for more.So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as Mika Tan takes you on a wild ride through the world of smutty, filthy sex.

Mika Tan Bio

Mika Tan is one of the prettiest master bimbos because she uses her impressive cock sucking skills and tight snatch to empty balls like the good whore she is.

If you like your women alluring and freaky as hell, then Mika Tan is just the bad girl for you. This slut looks sweet and innocent, but she knows her way around a nice fat cock. Nothing gets Mika wetter than having her pussy well slicked by a sweet young thing, while she has her face buried in puss, unless of course it is having a huge dick tickling the back of her throat.

She is a poster girl for wet juicy twat, but with a depraved enjoyment in getting crazy that makes our cocks slam our jeans in salute. This total slut looks sweet and harmless, but she knows her way around a nice fat cock.

A sexy fuck doll like Mika Tan deserves all the jizz you can give her, so be sure to watch all her scenes.

Mika Tan was born in Honolulu, HI on 24-Oct-1972 which makes her a Scorpio. Her measurements are 121 lbs (55 kg), she weighs in at 5’4″ (163 cm) and stands at Black. She has thick hazel hair. The year Fake/Enhanced was highlighted with Mika Tan opening her pornstar debut. When Mika Tan became 36D (80D), she made the decision to make her first appearance in the adult porn world. Mika retired from the adult porn business in Average. We hope Mika makes a comeback soon.

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