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Fabulous Cutey Mina Luxx Gets Her Kitty Rammed

Kimberly Chi is a stunning brunette with a perfect hourglass figure and a gorgeous round ass that’s made for fucking.She’s a true pornstar in every sense of the word, with a passion for hardcore sex that’s evident in every scene she shoots.In this scene, she takes on the role of the dominant queen, asserting her power and control over Amber Starr as she takes her place on the queening stool.

Amber Starr is a blonde bombshell with a big, juicy ass that’s perfect for face-sitting.She’s a true amateur when it comes to this particular fetish, but she’s eager to learn and excited to submit to Kimberly’s every desire.With wide eyes and a shy smile, she climbs onto the stool and positions herself beneath Kimberly’s spread legs.

As the scene begins, Kimberly takes charge, instructing Amber on how to position herself and how to please her.Amber follows every command, eager to please her new mistress and prove herself as a worthy submissive.Kimberly’s ass hovers over Amber’s face, just out of reach, teasing her and making her crave the feeling of having that perfect ass pressed against her lips.

Finally, Kimberly lowers herself down, smothering Amber’s face with her ass and cutting off her air supply.Amber’s eyes widen with excitement and arousal as she struggles to breathe, her face buried in Kimberly’s ass.Kimberly grinds against her, rubbing her cheeks against Amber’s face and smothering her completely.The scene is shot in stunning HD, capturing every detail of the action as it unfolds.

You can see the sweat glistening on Kimberly’s skin as she works her ass against Amber’s face, and you can hear the sounds of Amber’s muffled moans as she submits to her mistress’s every desire.As the scene progresses, the action becomes more and more intense.Kimberly begins to fuck Amber’s face with her ass, sliding back and forth in a steady rhythm as Amber tries to keep up.

Amber’s face is bright red, her eyes watering as she struggles to breathe, but she never complains.Instead, she focuses on pleasing Kimberly, determined to make her mistress happy.The scene takes a turn for the even hotter when Kimberly decides to take things to the next level.She reaches down and spreads Amber’s legs, exposing her wet and waiting pussy.

Kimberly begins to rub her clit, moaning with pleasure as she feels herself getting closer and closer to orgasm.Amber can sense how close Kimberly is to cumming, and she becomes even more determined to make her mistress happy.She begins to lick and suck on Kimberly’s clit, using every trick in the book to bring her to the edge.

Kimberly’s moans become louder and more urgent as she feels herself getting closer and closer to the brink.Finally, with one last thrust of her hips, Kimberly cums, her body shaking with pleasure as she floods Amber’s face with her juices.Amber laps it up eagerly, savoring the taste of her mistress’s pussy and the feeling of having pleased her.

As the scene comes to a close, Kimberly climbs off of Amber’s face and takes her place beside her, the two of them basking in the afterglow of their hot and heavy session.They exchange a passionate kiss, their tongues tangling together as they celebrate their newfound connection.Overall, this scene is a must-watch for any fan of Asian porn, amateur action, big asses, blondes, brunettes, fetish play, hardcore sex, and pornstars in action.

With its stunning HD quality, intense action, and two of the hottest Asian pornstars in the industry today, this scene is sure to leave you breathless and begging for more.So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as Kimberly Chi takes charge and shows Amber Starr the true meaning of submission.

Kimberly Chi Bio

Her talent to tease herself and other women is undeniable, but seeing her in action in a hardcore scene is what grants her a raciest slave vixens reputation.

Watching Kimberly Chi fuck is a little slice of paradise for the pornstar loving guys of the world. This cutie looks angelic and angelic, but she knows her way around a nice fat stiffy. From her big titties to her round rear, you’d have to be crazy not to get turned on after one look at this beauty.

Along with her easy-going mindset towards sex, her good looks and slutty mindset make her a natural fuckflicks star. When Kimberly blows dick, she likes it to be sloppy, wild, and wild, and when she fucks, she wants it every bit as extreme.

There is a reason Kimberly Chi is known for being one of the sexiest performers in the biz, so do not miss her feisty performances.

Kimberly Chi was born in California, USA on 08-May-1992 which makes her a Taurus. Her measurements are 96 lbs (44 kg), she weighs in at 5’3″ (161 cm) and stands at Black/Brown/Red. She has silky brown hair. The year Real/Natural was made better with Kimberly Chi opening her pornstar career. When Kimberly initially joined the adult industry, she was 34A years old. Kimberly retired from the porn business in Slim. We hope Kimberly makes a comeback soon.